FAQs (Frequency Asked Marriage Counseling Questions)

What can I expect from marriage counseling?

Initially you can expect the process of marriage therapy to be relatively problem focused. As we discuss the issues that bring you to marriage counseling, we will be focusing on the underlying dynamics (e.g. communication, intimacy, anger management issues, etc.) that are driving the problems you are experiencing in your marriage. As a useful and robust understanding of these dynamics is developed, your marriage will begin to feel more fulfilling. As things continue to improve, our discussions will become increasingly present and future focused, and couples counseling will begin to feel more like coaching.

How do I get the most out of my marriage counseling?

Couples therapy is a collaborative process. I will need you to come prepared with general subjects / conflicts that you wish to resolve. It's important that we not only have topics for discussion, but also that I consistently receive your feedback during those discussions. This will allow me to ensure that the solutions I offer are properly tailored to meet your marriage's unique needs. For optimum results, expect the marital therapy process to take between twelve and twenty-four hours, spread out over eight to fourteen weeks, with the average being twenty hours over twelve weeks. The future doesn't just happen, it is created... our destiny is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We may need to follow in the wake of those who have gone before us, but what we do, and where we go is ultimately up to us.

What does successful couples counseling look and feel like?

Successful couples counseling results in a new understanding and perspective about issues important to you; i.e. yourself, your marriage, and your work. In the end, your new knowledge and perspective will have restore the love harmony and intimacy we all desire from our marriages. Most importantly, you will be able to employ these same skills when you need to address important and crucial situations - doing so with a new sense of purpose.

How do I know when we are finished with marital therapy?

You will feel finished. Most of the concerns, recurring conflict, and anxiety that brought you into the marital therapy process will have dissipated. You will have learned new communication skills, and strategies to deal with any issues that may persist. If you wish, I will be able to give you feedback about your decision to end counseling, and discuss it with you. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands, and should reflect your new level of comfort.

Is it okay to come back if i or we need to?

Yes! My door will always be open to the both of you. The relationship that is forged between us can be an invaluable resource for you in times of need. No matter how small your concerns may seem, my door will be open to you, whether on an intermittent or ongoing basis. Many of my married clients take advantage of my extension packages for intermittent or on going marriage therapy. All marriages encounter challenges from time to time, and having a marriage counselor who knows you, and your values, can be your ticket to success and happiness in your marriage, relationships, and your personal development.

Because a marriage consist of two individuals, they are all unique, no two are exactly the same. As a result each marriage is in need of differing levels of care and attention. With my 25+ years of successful marriage counseling experience, I have developed four different marital therapy programs, tailored to meet the differing needs that married couples face. First I have the 8 week couples counseling Broomfield program, which is ideal for moderate levels of stress an conflict, couples struggling with communication and intermittent significant fights. Next I have developed the 10 week marriage counseling Broomfield program, which is ideal for couples who are experiencing considerable levels of stress and conflict, poor communication, frequent fighting and threats of divorce. For married couples experiencing relentless conflict, and stress the 12 week marriage counseling Broomfield program, is a very good choice to restore harmony and intimacy to your marriage. The 14 week elite marital therapy Broomfield, program is ideal for marriages experiencing critical levels of stress and conflict, one in which the both of you are very committed to marriage counseling and the constant turmoil is untenable. The right program for you and your marriage, can restore the harmony, respect , love, and intimacy the both of you once shared.

There is hope.

Robert Whitman, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, CAC III - Denver, CO